Sunday, May 17, 2009

Any sane person loves chocolate. - Bob Greene

This was a big weekend for the family. First, J&J & I got home about 12:30 a.m. Saturday. The rest of the day was pretty much a waste. Jess slept most of the day. Not sure what Justin did as he went home.

Yesterday morning there was a baby shower for my niece and her little boy. Last night my sister and BIL had a party. Today we celebrated my dad's 90th birthday. His birthday is a week from tomorrow. We opted to only attend Dad's party. I wasn't sure Jess was up to too much activity.

There was a good turnout. It was a lunch at the church. His church gets out about noon, so that worked really good. Only three people out of our entire family weren't there. That's pretty good. A lot of church members came and quite a few from the community. Dad's only living sibling, Arthur, was there and one of their nephews, Dave, from the Black Hills came down with his wife.

My sister, Myrna, decorated a cake for him. Had to get a picture of Dad and Vivian. Vivian and her family were our neighbors for years. Dad and her husband helped each other out with farming and chores, etc., when needed. Mom and Vivian were good friends. They saved each other many a trip to town by lending each other things or picking up something in town for the other one. Our families were in 4-H together. Vivian sold her farm and moved to town several years ago. Her husband had died many years earlier and it was just too hard for her on the farm by herself. Dad, Dave & Uncle Arthur Dad & us kids - Bob, Sue, Sam & me (in back) Elsie & Myrna are seated Justin was helping do dishes! Really couldn't pass up that shot, even though he kept his face hidden. Jess left early with one of my nieces and went with her to visit her in-laws for a bit. I think it was good for Jess to do something "normal." I had really hoped to get a photo of all the family that was there. But some had to start leaving early and it just didn't work out. Jess left before any of the group photos were taken. In fact I only got a couple of photos of her. I didn't post them because I wasn't sure she'd like them. She actually ate a little today, very little and very slowly. But it has stayed down. I think things are turning around for her, she has kept everything down for about 24 hours. Of course it isn't much, but it's a good start. I always thought it odd, that while she couldn't keep anything down, she never felt bad and wasn't weak or shaky. She also has stayed up longer today than she has since surgery.

After we got home from Dad's party we went to a graduation reception for a little bit. Shelby, the twins' older sister graduated from high school today.

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