Friday, May 8, 2009

The way you eat an Oreo reveals your personality: If you eat one slowly and methodically, that means you're tidy and orderly to the point of being anal-retentive and irritating to others.
May 8
Having nothing to do is always better in theory than in practice. I do have things to do, computer for entertainment, books and crocheting. But all are better when there is somethng waiting that you should be doing.
But I won't really complain. We need to be waiting here for the kids. Hopefully this is our last stop on the Cushing's journey. Both kids are sleeping, or at least appear to be. Sometimes I've thought Jess was asleep and she wasn't.
I may have to get something stronger for Justin to use besides just stool softeners. Pain killers really have an affect on him. I'm not sure about Jess, might need to question her about this. Justin opened his eyes for a bit and told me to wait to go get anything, said he might not need it.
I've done the dishes, messed around on the computer and read some. Must be about time to start with the crocheting. The projects I have really need to get done.
1:30 p.m.
Jess has been up and showered. She'll need to get up to take her hydro soon. She says we'll take a walk then. I guess I'll need to get Justin up for his hydro also. We'll see if he wants to walk with us. Doctors orders, walk a few times everyday.
I've had lunch, read some more. Still contemplating that crocheting.
Made a quick trip to Kmart, needed a few things. Seems to be working for Justin but not so much for Jess. If we ever get this to work, I'm sure she'll start feeling better. Pain killers can cause severe constipation (such a lovely subject) which causes severe pain, which then makes you want more pain killers. Vicious circle. When it makes you vomit, somethings got to give! Soon I hope.
Got busy watching movies - The Object of My Affection & Picture Perfect. That's more movies than I've watched in a long time. Started on my crocheting, talked to Bill and talked to my brother, Bob and talked to my boss, Ardath. Guess it's been raining every night since we left. Bill's rig hasn't moved yet. UGH

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