Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dad is great! Give us the chocolate cake! - Bill Cosby
May 9/10

So, whoever put together the calender I'm getting my chocolate quotes from, wasn't real smart. Do they not know that today is Mother's Day? So why a quote about dad?
Things I've learned while J&J are recovering from BLAs:
1. Keep reading glasses by the medicine - if I'm called in the middle of the night, I don't have a pair hanging around my neck.
2. When the body is swollen from surgery, it's the whole body, not just the chest cavity - medic alert bracelets that fit before surgery don't fit anymore. But they should soon.
3. With three people living an one motel room there should be more seating than the bed, couch and office chair. The bar stools (with backs) don't really count as seating. No one could sit in them very long.
4. Recycling is very ingrained in my system. It drives me crazy to just throw things away while we are living here.
5. Waste also bothers me. For instance we could of bought a pint of mayo for $2.49 (or close) or a quart for $1.99. Well, I'm going for the cheapest which then leads to waste. It was also cheaper to buy a jar of 100 suppositories than to buy a jar of 50. Of course, we may really use those 100!
6. The game Chain rxn is fun and a great time killer.
I'm not sure I want this crash course in BLAs but I have to take it. Sort of scary to be in charge of someone elses life in this particular way.
For the kids, it seems that pit surgery was much easier. Of course in the end they didn't have a cure, so..........

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