Thursday, May 14, 2009

"How Chocolate Can Be Good for Your Painting" is an essay on that suggests painting a monochrome picture using only "chocolately" browns or a three-tone painting using the colors of white, milk and dark chocolate.
May 14

I did some of our laundry today. It seems easier to pack if most everythng is clean. I've been crocheting and getting a lot done on the baby blanket. The kids have both been sleeping.
We see Dr. Chiang today for our follow up appointment. I imagine it will go good.
Checkups were good. Jess got a stronger prescription for nausea. She should follow up with Andy and have her liver panel checked. Dr. C said he would be glad to talk to Andy if needed.
Justin is doing fine.
When we left Dr. C said that there was begining to be a parade of "us." I told him that it was because he was so good. And he is. I'm thinking we may see him again at some point for Bill. We'll have to see what his pit surgery brings first. Maybe with luck, he'll get a cure first time and his adrenals will quit overproducing aldosterone.
Leaving for home in the morning.

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