Monday, May 25, 2009

Grasshopper pie has a chocolate cookie crumb crust and is typically a gelatin and whipped cream dessert with creme de menthe, drizzled with chocolate ganache.
May 25

I've been having a hard time today remembering that it is Monday. I kept thinking it was Saturday. Three day weekends don't usually confuse me like this. I think it has something to do with Jess having been in the hospital.
Today my dad turned 90. His official party was last Sunday. Elsie brought him to town today and we went and ate lunch with them. Sue & Shan were there too. Jess just stayed a little bit and then had me take her home. As we were driving out to Village Inn, I thought she didn't feel too good. She had seemed better when she first got up this morning.
Before she asked me to take her home she took 20 mg of hydro. We can't be sure whether she needed that much extra or if she lost the other when she vomited this morning. She had drank too much water in too short a time period. She seemed to feel better after she took the 20 mg. Definitely a learning process.
I haven't seem Justin for a couple of days. I should call him tomorrow and have him come by.

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