Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Mexico, the caliber of the cook is often judged by the volume of their chocolate foam. The foam represents the energy of the person who makes the drink.
May 12

When J&J were getting prepped for surgery last Wednesday morning they were right across the hall from each other. I just had to take photos of them from the others room. Jess' room was considerably smaller than Justin's. Here they are last Thursday night after we got back from the hospital.

The shirt that Jess has on is now a little baggie. Justin no longer had as much of the Cushie look. It disappeared around the time he started actively testing for Cushing's. I think there are degrees of highs and lows. I think he has been in an extended low for quite some time now but still is able to pull down highs. Son that must mean he is high for a "normal" person but is lower than what he had originally been.

Does that make sense to anyone but me?

Jess & I went to the hospital today for her to have labs drawn to compare to yesterdays. Dr. C wanted to make sure that her bilirubin wasn't on the rise. He called me late this afternoon (surprised me, I didn't expect to hear from him unless there was something wrong) and told me her labs looked good. Her white blood count was down and the numbers for her liver that were in the 400s yesterday were 99 today. He said all he can figure with her not having been able to keep anything down is that she had some kind of reaction to the anesthetic.

He asked how she was feeling, and said that was really the most important thing. I think she's doing pretty good, at least she acts like it. She's not really eating much yet, just some apple slices and orange juice and some kind of Italian ice when we were at the hospital. But everything is staying down. She has been taking the anti nausea medicine. When she first started taking it, it worried me because she said she no longer could vomit but it felt like she had too. Finally she burped and things were much better then.

I'm hoping things are getting on an even keel.

I've been reading. Finished three books since I've been here. I used to read a lot but haven't much in the last two to three years. While everyone was testing, feeling sick, etc. I just couldn't make myself care about what was happening in a book. I've also been playing on the computer and watching TV.

And I've been crocheting. Below is a baby afghan I'm making for a great niece of mine. I'm just a few months late with it. Then I need to get busy and get another one made for a great nephew. It's also a few months late. I'm using two strands of cotton crochet thread. I've made a few like this already. It makes a pretty stable blanket but I like the look much better than with yarn. And they are so easy to take care of, just throw in the washer and dryer. I have one I made for myself to use on the couch and I really like it.

I'm using a shell stitch and it makes it very pretty.


Hi, I'm Rene said...

It's good to hear things are "normalizing". When Nick had his wisdom teeth pulled the anesthesia made him sick for days.He couldn't keep down even a swallow of water till he got anti nausea meds 3 days later.

judycolby said...

That's good to know about your son. I thought maybe Dr. C was trying to make me feel better!LOL How long till he felt better?

Christina said...

I'm glad to hear things are going better for Jess. Throwing up is NOT fun especially after a surgery. Your afghan is so pretty! You are a very talented woman. I wish I had the patience for learning to crochet. ;o) Hang in there.