Thursday, May 7, 2009

The three best pleasures in life are scratching, sneezing and eating chocolate. - Anonymous
May 7

J&J were discharged from the hospital this morning. We've settled back in to the hotel room and it feels much better than the hospital. I slept at the hospital last night, not very comfortable. There was a chair that pulled out into a bed. It was about as comfortable as those type can be. But it was better than having to sit up.

Both kids seem to be feeling pretty good. They were released on the dose of hydro that Dr. F prescribes. It seems that others have needed more. So far, so good. I'm sure they/we will recognize if they need more. Both are somewhat swollen. Justin doesn't think he is but he can't put on his medic alert bracelet, and it should be a little big on him. Jess' doesn't fit at the moment either. But you can tell just by looking that she is swollen. Yesterday after massive doses of hydro, her eyes looked like slits. Was almost hard to tell if she was awake or not.
Seems Justin is actually in more pain than I thought. Mostly his shoulder. Hope it doesn't last too long.
Everyone is mostly laying around, watching TV, reading or on the computer.
Hoping tomorrow their pain goes down some.

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