Friday, May 15, 2009

If one swallows a cup of chocolate only three hours after a copious lunch, everything will be perfectly digested and there will still be room for dinner. - Anthelme Brilllat-Savarin (1755-1826)
May 15

Almost packed to go home. Taxi arrives in one and a half hours. Jess is getting her packing done. Justin packed overnight. I thought he was just going to stay up until we left, but he laid down a couple of hours ago. Won't be fun waking him up!
We should get in to Denver about 6:00 tonight (that's 7:00 our time). It's only about a three hour drive home from there. We'll see how we feel when we get there and then decide whether we make it home tonight.
This is a big family weekend. There is a baby shower for my niece. And most will be meeting her little boy,Oliver, for the first time.
One of my sisters and BIL are throwing a party (which is something they rarely do). It's to celebrate several things - Ronnie just turned 60, he's one year cancer free and their 36th anniversary was a few days ago.
Sunday is a party for my dad's 90th birthday. His birthday is the 25th of this month.
His party is the one event I want to make sure we get to. I think the whole family will be there.
Well, we're out of here in a little bit. I hope the kids do okay on the trip home. And of course after we get home.

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Erin Kelley said...

I bet you all are so glad to be home!! Hope everyone made the trip ok.... hugs!