Monday, May 11, 2009

The Hershey Kiss machine can wrap 550 pieces or more a minute.
May 11

Been a long day. Jess and I spent most of it back at the hospital. She had been keeping nothing down since late Thursday when we got home from their surgeries. What seemed really weird was that she felt good except for vomiting up anything she took in. I know her well enough to know that she really didn't feel sick. So it was a mystery to us.
I know that vomiting is one of the signs of adrenal insufficiency. If she would of seemed like she was actually sick I would of been very concerned. As it was it was just a delema. I finally settled it in my mind that I was waiting until today and would call Dr. Chiang's office for direction. That way I knew he would be in charge. I wasn't sure who would be if we went to the ER.
Turns out they have found nothing. She was dehydrated and had three IV bags of fluid. They did blood test, HIDA scan for her gall bladder, CT of the abdomen and x-rays. Her bilirubin was high but Dr. C also said she had an enlarged liver. We presume that is from the Cushing's but he is going to have her tested agin tomorrow just to make sure it's not on the rise.
He also gave her 25 mg of hydro just to be on the safe side. She also has a prescription for an anti nausea med.
I read and crocheted while I waited.
Lucky Justin got the whole room to himself all day. I never heard him complain about it!

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