Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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May 6
It's sorta been a long day. Taxi arrived at 5a.m. and we got to the hospital a few minutes later. Both surgeries went very well. We have photos taken "inside" during surgery. They really aren't bad but they aren't that great either so I'll refrain from posting them!
Everyone at the hospital is very nice. The kids did get put together in a double room. Jess is eating supper and Justin ate half the skin off his chicken and about half his mashed potatoes and went back to sleep. I have to remember that he's a few hours behind Jess and he also never slept last night. Both look great compared to what they looked like after their pituitary surgery last year. I think I understand why we have been told that the BLA is much easier than pit surgery, at least as far as the surgery goes. We'll have to see how everything else goes.
Saw an interesting fashion statement in the cafeteria (Jess says she's seen it before) - black eye shadow, yes black! Wow, looks like a major trauma occurred, especially when she also used about 1/4" of black shadow under her eyes! Interesting to say the least.
Oh, I'm tired, I'll tell more tomorrow.

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Christina said...

So happy all went well. I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers. You are such an awesome mom!