Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Add butterscotch chips or liqueur to chocolate pound
cake or double chocolate cookies for a surprisingly good flavor
February 24

Jess is at Basketball practice and should be home in about an hour or so.

Justin did some patching on our porch roof today. YEA!! When I came home and saw that he used a step ladder propped against the side of the house to get to the roof, I decided I just wouldn't watch him come down. Didn't look to safe too me. He stayed and talked for about half an hour or so when he was done. That's probably the most we've visited in a long time.

He did say he's now okay with having a BLA, if that's the way things go. For a while he was kind of hesitant. It seemed to me that he thought it would be better to stay sick than to have his adrenals gone. I'm glad he's come to terms with it, because if that is his only option at some point, I'd hate to think of him staying sick instead of having a BLA.

He also said that being sick for so long has made him more sympathetic to others. He said so many times people say "you just don't understand." He said "I just think 'oh, yes I do.'"

I've done just a little sewing tonight. I wanted to get at least a start on putting some of the half square triangles together that I'm making my "scrap" quilt from. I'm not recutting any to make sure they are the exact size, too lazy maybe, so a few things don't line up exact. But, it's not that much of a biggie to me on this one.

This is just the beginning of it. I do have a lot of the squares sewn but not put into a block. This will take a long time since I"m only using scrap triangles from other quilts. I've dug to find what I have now and then the rest will come as I make other quilts.

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