Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chocolate thought for the day.

Milton Hershey's American milk chocolate tasted different from European chocolate. Hershey used more sugar because it was less expensive than cocoa butter.

February 12

I may have to start scanning these calendar days, as they have the best looking pictures.

Today I had an appointment with my GI. I finally decided to ask him about the pain I have had for years right under my left breast. It's bothersome to the point that I haven't worn a bra in years. If I sleep on my right side (which I really like to do) I have to hold a pillow very tightly over this place and the pain is not too bad.

When I told Dr. J that if I went several days and barely ate, the pain subsided, he said he suspected that things were getting caught where the intestine "turns a corner" and loops down (or is it up? they look like a tangled mess to me). He is prescribing something (that I can't remember the name of) to take that will relax the intestine and it should help with the pain. He said this med melts under the tongue. I think I take it before meals. If it works out I'm to let him know and he'll prescribe a pill that is longer lasting. I so hope it works. I've put up with this for years and have finally had enough.
If it works, I'll kick myself for not having brought it up a long time ago. I'm really anxious to get this and try it out.
If it works, I can wear a bra again. Now I know that years ago it was the big thing to quit wearing one but I really don't like the "let it all hang out" look, so my style of dress has changed a lot since I've gone braless. I usually make sure I wear two layers if I'm in public. It would be so liberating to just wear one layer.

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