Friday, February 6, 2009

More saliva results - Justin this time.
1/29 - 0.041
1/30 - 0.120
1/31 - 0.120
2/1 - 0.084
2/2 - 0.083
Little by little we'll get there.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get results from UFCs. Bill has either four or five that I need results for. Justin has out two and Jess has one. I think Bill and Justin each have another ready to go and maybe (if I'm lucky) I can get another out of each of them to ship next week. I'd like at least two for each to be there in time for testing the 17 OHCS in the next round, which is a week from next Tuesday.
It sounds so funny to write "a week from next Tuesday." When we were growing up that was an expression Dad used when he meant something was never going to happen. Say if we were really little and we asked him when we could go to town by ourselves, he would of said "a week from next Tuesday." And we knew that meant never, or at least not in the foreseeable future. We kids now love it when "a week from next Tuesday" is an actual answer.
Tomorrow Jess and I will be in Manhattan for basketball games.

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ReadyGo said...

Hey Judy! Thank you for all of the posts, comments, and all of the wonderful advice. My username on the cushing's boards is ReadyGo. My appointments have been mentally draining. I've posted about them in the testing forum, and I think you wrote back a couple of times. Thank you! As of now, I'm seriously considering going to see Dr. Friedman, because this endocrinologist doesn't believe Cyclical Cushing's is really an option. I don't feel good about that. We'll see what these next tests say, but I can tell that I'm in a low (I can't sleep enough) so I'm guessing it's not gonna be helpful. I hope you, and your family, are doing well!!!