Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's chocolate thought
Marcel Desaulniers, chef at the Trellis Restaurant, has written a popular series of books: Death by Chocolate, Death by Chocolate Cakes, Death by Chocolate Cookies and Desserts to Die For.
February 11

Everyone needs to check out Jess' blog if they haven't already. This is what she was working on when she went to Seattle and New York City. I'm proud of her.
Sending off three more UFCs tomorrow for Bill & Justin. They should get there in time for the 17 OHCS to be tested next Tuesday.
Tomorrow Jess & I go to Hays for my appointment with my GI. I should ask him what the plan is if sometime my blood work comes back abnormal from my Imuran. I've never really wanted to know because I like to think that the drug will never adversely affect me. But I would like to know there is a back up plan.
Bill had a rig move today. Since about the first of the year, this is the first time there hasn't been at least a week between locations. Old location finished on Sunday and they moved on Wednesday. That's almost "normal." Hope that's a good sign of a turn around. We'll just have to wait and see.

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