Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh fudge - how we love you for tempting us as you do.... Fudge, you are not just candy. You are olfactory and
gustatory ecstasy, and we shall eat every last morsel.

-Chef Marcel Desaulniers
February 20

I called Esoterix today hoping to get results of Bill's & Justin's last UFCs that were at the lab in time to have the 17 OHCS tested this week. Well, that part wasn't done yet but he offered to go ahead and fax the cortisol results. I should of saved the paper as neither ever gets high cortisol. But hey, maybe we'd get lucky. Bill's cortisol was 16 and poor Justin's was 5.4. I told him to keep filling those jugs, hopefully he'll go into a high soon. I'm just guessing that when we get results of his 17s, they'll be low also.
Poor Bill, he has been feeling so bad. Work tonight won't be any fun, it's getting colder and very windy, maybe a little snow later.
So glad we are on the countdown to spring.

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