Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We got something funny in the mail today. Coupons to be used at Ralphs.
Ralphs is where we do all our grocery shopping when in LA for medical appointments. It's a Kroger store as is our Dillons store here at home. So when at Ralphs we can use our Dillons shopper card to get the sale prices.
We periodically get Dillons coupons in the mail. But I had to laugh at the Ralphs coupons. It means we've been there waaaay too many times. They don't expire until April. Hope we don't have a chance to use them!

Since I didn't get my "chocolate" calendar until a few days ago, I need to get the all the quotes from the first weeks of the year in somewhere. I'll just randomly put them inside other entries. So here's the quote for Jan1.

Anything is good and useful if it's made from

I agree 100 percent.

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jessica said...

Haha. you could put the ralphs coupons in the auction thing for the boards. somebody might find them useful. oh wait, no that wouldn't work because they'd probably be expired by the time the auction is over.