Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day.
Chocolate thought for the day - I can't believe this is the best they could do for Valentine's Day!
Fondue etiquette: When you put the fondue food into
your mouth, try not to touch the fork with your lips or tongue because the fork does go back into the pot.

February 14/15

Last night I finally made the January block for $5 Quilt class. Class was this morning so I really had to get it done. This year it's being done a little different. For anyone who wants we pay a little each month and get enough material to do the setting around each block. If the block is done each month at class time we still get the block free. This is the block and setting I did last night.
This afternoon I almost finished the February block I got this morning. Maybe it will inspire me to get back to some of my other projects. I've pretty much abandoned them since everyone got sick, Making my blocks last night and today made me rememeber how much I like quilting.
Jess is gone tonight. Her Girl Scout troop is in charge of the Midnight Ramble for the whole Council. It's being held here at the college. She'll be home in the morning.
Went out and took Dad to lunch today. Hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks as we were gone last Saturday. I guess a couple of nights ago he fell in the middle of the night. He was by his recliner when it happened and he was able to get himself into the chair and just spent the rest of the night there. I wish he was more stable on his feet.
Tonight our church had a Valentine's Day banquet as a fund raiser for our purchase of an additional building across the street from the church. The youth offered babysitting services for a free will donation, also to go to the building fund. I was asked to be the adult in charge of the babysitting. TWENTY FIVE kids!! Thankfully there were a lot of members of the youth group there to keep them entertained. I'm pretty sure I'd never want to run a day care!

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