Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The word fondue is derived from the French
word fonder, meaning "to melt."
February 25

I got the results of the last UFCs that were at the lab. Bill's and Justin's were both very low, cortisol and 17 OHCS. I would think they neither one would have been feeling too good when they did those tests. I'm shipping one more for each tomorrow. Possibly two for Justin.
I think Bill is done with UFCs for a while. He had been taking no pain killers while doing them. He's been hurting so bad lately. I told him we'd just pray he had enough already and to go ahead and take some pain pills.
Just a little over a week until my phone appointment with Dr. F. I'm not sure that I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure Jess will be able to move ahead to surgery. I'm just praying the other two are also ready. Then I will find out what he thinks of my idea about BLAs for the kids.
My boss asked me today if Justin wasn't approved for surgery yet if I would go ahead and take Jess. I told her I didn't think so, at least not right away. If it should take Justin too long to get enough highs, then I'd have to reconsider. It just adds so much more expense if I have to travel twice.
I'm really wondering what Dr. F will have to say about Bill. If he's approved for surgery, which kind will it be. Or will he need pit and adrenal. We have yet to know what the results of the AVS at Cedars. Not that I haven't tried to get the results, just never seem to.
So, Justin isn't quite as smart as I always thought he was. Yesterday when he got on the roof to do some patching he used a step ladder that didn't quite reach the roof. I didn't think that sounded to smart. But when I found that he had put it on the top step, I couldn't believe it. Our steps aren't very wide. He won't be doing that again, one slip and he's flat on the sidewalk. I'll tell him, we've put way too much money into him for him to kill himself this way!!

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