Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look, there is no metaphysics on earth like chocolate. - Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet

February 19

Got one UFC & 17 OHCS result for J,J&B.
Bill had a 17 OHCS of 17, so he has five high 17s and no high UFCs.
Jess had a UFC of 80 & 17 OHCS of 40!!
Justin, poor guy, had a UFC of 7 and 17 OHCS of 3.2. I guess low shows something more than "normal" would, at least to me.
Bill & Justin are both doing a couple or three more UFCs before our phone appointment. They each have one more at the lab that I need results of. I'm really hoping for some more highs of some kind for Justin, as he seems to be lacking. A few more probably wouldn't hurt Bill either.
Jess has been in bed since about 8:30, that's pretty early for her. Bill has had a couple of days off and seems to have slept a lot, day and night. I'm not sure which is worse, when he sleeps all the time or when he can't sleep at all.
He used to never get cold, even outside in the winter. Now it seems he never gets warm. Doesn't eat spicy food quite like he used to either.

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Gracie said...


You know, in our weird twisted way, I'm so excited for you! Poor Justin is not getting quite the numbers we need to see, but the other 2 are. It means closer to gettin' fixed! That's what we want!