Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jess got her license today. She's a happy girl. And she has taken advantage of that freedom and gone a few places. Thursday she's having some girls over to spend the night and celebrate her birthday. There is no school Friday, so they have all day to hang out together. I presume she knows they can't spend all day cruising town!
Today I got the long awaited (at least these three weeks seemed long) envelope from Cedars Sinai containing Bills AVS (adrenal venous sampling) results. Well, that's what I thought would be in there. What I got was a detailed (very detailed) report of how the test was performed.
HHMMMM? What is this and why do I have it? Where are the results? You know the results of all those little vials that were drawn? That's really all I want! So I called the number listed for "if you have questions." The gal told me I'd gotten exactly what I ordered, which was "Adrenal Venous Sampling 12-10-08." Never occurred to me that that wouldn't include the results! But I guess you order results separately.
Finally the gal told me to just fax the request again and this time check the box for "all records." I hadn't done that the first time as I didn't see the point of getting all the results from his MRI & CTs that were done in June.
Now I know in case I ever have to do this again. Just hope I don't have to.
Called Esoterix and got one saliva result each for J&J. I'm hoping that means I can get the other four of Jess' tomorrow. Justin's other salivas will get there tomorrow.
UFC results - maybe I'll check Thursday or Friday.
Jess got another high - 0.190. Justin's was perfectly normal, darn.
Testing, testing, 123, testing. Gets old, doesn't it?

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