Thursday, February 26, 2009

Near the end of the sixteenth century, the
daily wage of a man in the Guatemalan province of Verapaz was forty cacao beans.


February 26

I sometimes use Picnik to edit and mess around with photos. I have some old photos of Mom & Dad so today I did this with them. I usually just play around and don't really do anything with the results. But it sure is fun.

I've gotten a few more stories up on Dad's blog, well it's my blog but his stories. It's much easier putting up the ones that are only a page or two of type. Those few he's done that are five or so pages are kind of a chore. Tonight I sent a link to some of his cousins. They might enjoy reading some of his stories.
Getting a few more blocks done on my scrap quilt. Feels good to sew again.
At work we're starting to to do the transfers of VHS to DVD in house. It's fun but I haven't figured out the editing software yet. I have some of the video on my laptop so will probably try to work with it some more while at home. I think I'll enjoy doing it and we can get it back to the customer faster than when we have to send it out. Tomorrow I have some heat pressing to get done. I love doing that.
One more UFC each for Justin and Bill sent off today. I know 17's are tested next week so we'll pray for high results.

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