Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ceramic fondue pots are best for chocolate or other dessert fondues. Combination pots are the most practical and are usually very elegant.
April 21

Two weeks from tonight we will be sitting in a motel room in (close to) Milwaukee, knowing that when we get up the next morning J&J are headed to surgery. Trying to keep it together.
I do have a lot of reading material for that long stay in the motel, well if we have good internet service. Today I found this. I love quilting blogs and this Quilt Festival gives me access to 482 (so far) new quilting blogs!! Now that will take some time. I love reading quilting blogs, but these women are so far ahead of me. They seriously quilt, I just play at it. But I probably love it as much as they do, I just don't spend near as much time at it as they do.
I also found another great blog by Joy the Baker. Great recipes and great photos. Love photos of food.
My oldest nephew turned 33 today. I was a sr. in high school when he was born. He was actually born on his due date. I probably only remember that because a girl in Art class said, in a know it all voice, "Just because it's her due date doesn't mean she'll have the baby then." Well, duh, I wasn't stupid. But since Jarrod was born on his due date I had to mention it the next day in class. He (and his younger brother) is deaf, so deaf that if you hollered right behind him he would probably only turn around because he felt your breath on his neck. Since I didn't buy him a card I thought I'd send him a text (which is great for deaf people). Usually if I need to send a text I do it through the Alltel site,as I have to pay for each text and seldom use it, but I thought he might answer. And he did.
When he was 10 I took him on a trip to Florida to visit my brothers while they were cutting silage down there. Actually we followed my brother, Sam, down. It was quite a trip. He was trying to help me read road signs. Well, when you are going through cities and there are several levels of roads, you have to read the signs on your level!
For a while I thought I was really popular with the truckers until I discovered that Jarrod wasn't sleeping in the back of the car, he was telling all the truckers to honk. I drove a hatchback so he had plenty of window.
It was a fun trip. I just found photos of it when I was sorting photos the other day. I need to print some for him. He'd enjoy them.
Today I finally figured out how to convert VHS to DVD at work. There are various ways to save the VHS file. If you don't use the right application the DVD you burn won't work on all players. But I finally (I think, I hope) have it figured out. At least I finally burned one that has worked on three separate players. Finally. Seemed like it should be easy enough, but.........
Two weeks.

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