Friday, April 24, 2009

Ice cream scoops are a fast and easy way to portion chocolate batters and cookie dough.
April 24

How funny. I read the calendar's chocolate thought for the day and laughed. Who needs to portion out the cookie dough? I'm sitting here eating it straight out of the bowl! I like cookies but I like the dough much better.
I haven't done much baking in the last two or three years. I used to bake a couple times a week or so. I think I got sidetracked. Out of the blue, a couple of weeks ago, I made brownies. Hadn't even thought of it until I decided to mix them up. Then I decided to make chocolate chip cookies a few nights ago. Turns out I only made the dough. And now there's not enough left to bake. But it sure was good!!
My dad was in my kitchen a few years ago when I was making chocolate chip cookies. I offered him a bite of the dough. He told me he'd never eaten any!!! How could that be!
As kids, we never really knew how many cookies our recipes made as we always sampled the dough. But we (I? maybe I was the only one that did this) knew that we had to produce a certain amount of cookies or Mom would be mad. She'd know that we just ate the dough.
I'm just doing my part to conserve energy. Yeah, that's a good story.
Today was a better day than yesterday.

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