Sunday, April 5, 2009

In 1544, Dominican friars took a delegation of Kekchi Mayan nobles to visit Prince Philip of Spain. The Mayans brought gift jars of beaten cocoa, mixed and ready to drink. Spain and Portugal did not export the beloved drink to the rest of Europe for nearly a century.
April 4/5

The weather has been really crappy considering it's now April. Cold, windy and damp. Yuck. This morning it had smowed some. Hard to tell how much because it was blowing so hard. I'm so tired of this wind!

I've talked on the phone with my brother Bob a few times in the last couple of days. It looks like they really will be moving to Florida. That makes me sad. When we talked last night, I got on google earth and he directed me to the new place. I had an idea where it was (just not the specifics) as I used to go to that area with my brothers on harvest. I had him take photos, (as he didn't seem to think it was important!) and email them to me. Looks like a pretty neat house. But it makes it more real that he is really moving. If he's living in a new place I want to be able to picture their family in the new setting.
Both my brothers are gone off and on for a month of more at a time, they have a silage cutting business and a lot of their jobs are in the south, because of the growing seasons. So I don't really see either of them that often, but do see their families. Also, when they are home I know they are only thirty miles away, at the farm. It just seems weird to think that Bob or his family will no longer be at the farm.
He's hoping that all of us will periodically come to visit, and I'm sure that he will be home sometimes.
Jess has already volunteered to take my dad down to see them. Dad said "Well, you go east on I-70 and turn south at West Virginia"! Got a kick out of that. We said, "how about west on I-70 to Denver and fly?" I don't think Dad could stand that many hours in a vehicle. We'll see what really happens.
Tomorrow Debbie from Dr. Chiang's office should be calling to let me know what time our appointments are with Dr. C and with the endo we have to see before surgery. She would of had the times on Friday except the gal she works with in Dr. Kelly's (endo) office was out.
This week will be four weeks until J&J's surgeries so I can have them get their physicals, chest x-rays and blood work done.

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Erin Kelley said...

Just reading your blog for the first time.... I am praying for all of you!