Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The way you eat your Oreo reveals your personality: if you eat it one bite at a time, you're not alone. More than five billion people eat their Oreos the same way. You might lack imagination, but you're normal.
April 14

I'm done with the antibiotics for my eye but still need to finish the prednisone drops. This is the only time I remember using eye drops. I'd never really thought about the fact that eye drops eventually end up going down your throat. Yuk! Prednisone tastes pretty awful.
I am seeing great improvement in my left eye. It's amazing how much better that eye sees than it used to. Things are brighter and I can actually make out features of something that is back lit. That's a really big improvement. For the last year or so I've only been able to see the shape of something that was back lit. At work today it occurred to me that I was actually seeing the faces of customers when they walked through the door. Before surgery I couldn't make out the face until I was just a few feet from them.
Tomorrow I see the eye doctor for him to check my progress. Surgery on my right eye is two weeks from tomorrow. I'm really getting excited now that I've seen so much improvement in my left eye.
I made appointments today for J&J to get their pre op physicals on Friday.
Bill went back to work today. I hope there is another location for the rig when this one finishes up in about a week. It was almost exactly a month with no work.
We did learn that you can file for unemployment (even if you are still employed) if there has been no work for seven straight days. Well, getting unemployment isn't all that easy. Seems pretty straightforward when you file, but getting it approved is another matter. So far they just keep telling him he's not eligible. Want to talk to a real person? Call anytime Wednesday - Friday (I think) and then wait on hold until you get cut off and try it again. Or get to talk to a real person who tries to transfer you to "someone who can help you" and then have a recording tell you that there are other people on hold and you will have to hang up - Click. Bill's getting pretty frustrated.

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Janet, said...

So glad your eyes are getting better. I remember when dad had cataract surgery and he had to put those drops in. He couldn't do it, we had to put them in for him. One way to get a real person on the phone is to pretend that you don't have a push button phone and just wait for a real person.