Friday, April 17, 2009

Cranberry bog Frogs are a Cape Cod candy made with dried cranberries, roasted cashews and caramel enrobed in milk chocolate.
April 17

Still raining today. That's good for us, we've been pretty dry for quite awhile.
The kids had their pre op physicals today. They went together and I stayed at work. I guess they took them back to the exam room together but that's okay since this wasn't a put on a gown type of physical. They seem to share a lot of doctor appointments.
Jess sent me a text while they were there. I usually hate getting texts because they aren't on my plan and I hate paying for them. I know they are only .10-.15 each but .... This one was good though. She told me I was missing out because Dr. S was the one that was going to do the physical. I thought that was great as he is the doctor that treated Justin like a criminal and pretty much accused him of using drugs. He was pretty rude to me also. Then he talked with the school counselor and said there was ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with Justin and no reason he couldn't be in school every day. So I would of loved to of been there when he found out that the physicals were pre op for surgery to treat Cushing's (which I'm sure I suggested to him at the other appointment and was completely dismissed).
But in the end it didn't quite work out that way. Andy did the physicals. He put Justin on antibiotics as Justin told him he had drainage from his ear, wouldn't want anything postponing surgery. It's getting a little more real every day.
If it's still raining tomorrow I wonder about taking Dad to lunch. I'm really not a very good mud driver. I need to call my sister that lives out there and get her opinion.
Speaking of Elsie, Jess tells me she now has a Facebook page. She got DSL at home, must like it. My sister Myrna also has one, and all the nieces and nephews (except one) that are old enough have a page. I just may have to join that world one of these days.

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mertoo said...

Yes Judy, join us on Facebook!

Sounds like everything is progressing nicely for the family!