Monday, April 13, 2009

Garash cake is a type of thin, round, cake with ground walnut kernels and frosted with bitter chocolate icing, that is very popular in Bulgarian cuisine.
April 13

I found a new website tonight. It's pretty cool. So here's what I did with a couple of photos of the kids. Each of their photos was taken within a week of their pituitary surgery last May.

Jess is famous!!!

The new quarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look up & down, each kid seems to be part of the graffiti.
The TV star and I'm not sure why Justin is on the side of the car.
Still famous
Three weeks and we will be in Miwaukee. I seem to have lost the paper that tells me when the kids' appointments are on Tuesday. Guess if they don't show up soon I'll have to call Dr. Chiang's office. I don't remember doing this before, I know I wrote it down.

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