Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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April 7

So this is what a cataract looks like.
I had my pre op work up today. I had more eye tests than I've ever had at one time. And a whole lot of drops put in my eyes. I decided that the instinct to blink must be about the strongest refex the body has!
It seemed like a really long day. And it sure was hard to try and read for several hours afterwards. I'm kind of excited to find out what my eyesight will be like once I have the cataracts off both eyes.
What I didn't know until today was that after the cataract is removed they put in a new lens. I had wondered why the last test I did seemed just like a regular eye exam - which is best 1 or 2 - 2 or 3 - 3 or 4....... I had wondered what that was about as I knew I wasn't getting new glasses until sometime after both eyes have healed.
I report at 8 tomorrow morning, surgery will be about 9. Bill can watch. They also tape it and give you a copy. I can't decide if that is cool or gross. Surgery only takes about 10 - 15 minutes.


Hi, I'm Rene said...

I would want to see the tape! Good luck, I hope it's quick and pain free!

Tanya said...

I remember watching the tape of Grandma Morgan's cataract surgery at Mom and Dad's house north of town...