Sunday, April 12, 2009

How Chocolate Can be Good for Your Painting is an essay on that suggests using a selection of seasoned chocolates, such as Easter eggs or Valentine candy boxes, to create a tryptich, or series, painting.
April 11/12

Happy Easter!
Jess & I went to church in Hoxie today with Dad and some of the rest of the family. Then we drove through the mud to Elsie's for brunch. We'd never done that for Easter before. It worked really well.
It was reainy and only about half the family was there but we had a good time. Only three little kids today. Usually there is six or seven.




My left eye is getting much better. Surprising how bright everything seems. I can't wait for the right eye to be done. Right now it's a little like there is a curtain between the two eyes and they are seeing different things.

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