Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let's see now, more bologna, and some more meatloaf and a slug of double-dutch chocolate syrup. - Shaggy, making a sandwich from Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
April 23

Sometimes it's best not to know the facts. I counted up how many days Bill has worked since the beginning of Dec. Pretty sad number. He has been trying to get unemployment for some of that time there was no work. First, you have to of not worked for seven days. Sometimes they were only off for six. Second, any vacation days must be taken before you can get unemployment. Well, he had filed for two weeks prior to knowing that. So he took the last of his vacation days. And it looks to me like the weeks previous to that won't be paid.
This is all new to us. Unemployment is paid with a debit card. Which doesn't work to well to pay bills. So there is the option to have it transferred to a checking account. Usually takes two to three business days. Well, it's now been four business days and we still don't have access to the money.
And we did a lot medically in the first months of the year and have met our deductible. Of course when you meet the deductible that means you have to pay. We usually don't meet it all in one fell swoop. And UCLA thinks we owe them a lot of money. We don't. They originally billed insurance bits and pieces at a time for Bill's IPSS that he had done in Dec. They then turned around and billed it all again in one lump sum and when insurance rejected it, they took that to mean that we owe a part of that large sum. I don't think so. But how to get them to understand.
Enough gloom and doom. It always gets better.

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