Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bill's IPSS & AVS are finally set up. Monday, Dec. 8 for IPSS and Wednesday, Dec. 10 for AVS. I've been working towards this for almost two months and finally it's set up. I'm almost afraid to get airline tickets and hotel reservations, what if they want to change the date. I don't really think that will happen but nothing has been easy about setting up these two appointments.
Setting up IPSS at UCLA really is easy. Setting up AVS at Cedars is much harder, they want to set up with "the office." That really isn't Lynne's strong point & I don't think they set up too many of these procedures.
But I've learned how to suck up pretty good through this whole process and tonight I got the gal at Cedars to let me set up a date. The whole time she's telling me that this isn't the normal way to do it and she really does need to talk to the office also. I just kept very nicely talking about how we were coming from out of state, needing to coordinate two procedures, can't take too much time off work, etc., etc., and it would be so helpful if I could just have a date............ I got one. That's all I really cared about.
I hated being a pain but, you do what you gotta do.
Today it occurred to me that I've been so focused with getting these set up that I haven't even started to worry about the outcome of the tests!! That's not like me at all - I always worry about tests, afraid they won't show the evidence that we need for a dx.
And then of course we fly out of Denver in December. So I'm sure I can start worrying about the weather also!
Just so glad to have a date. Bill can now tell his boss. I think it was frustrating to him because his boss kept asking him what the dates were. Finally, he can give him an answer.

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