Thursday, November 27, 2008

On the fingers is how to eat black olives according
to the little girls. Jordan & Isabella aren't quite
sure about that!

Had a good time at my sister's today for Thanksgiving. Jess & I went out by ourselves. Justin stayed home and slept. Bill never came home from Hays, he has to work tonight and coming home would of meant he lost out on a lot of sleep.

Dad and all of my siblings except Sue were there. She went to SD to see her daughter who is pregnant.

No football after our meal, just a lot of talking. The little kids went outside and played. They spent a lot of time rolling down the hill at the edge of Elsie's lawn. What crazy kids! They had fun. I got out Jess' video camera and filmed some of it. They'll love that later in life.

Jeremy, Bob's stepson, was there. We sometimes only see him at Thanksgiving. It depends on his work and school schedule. I don't think I'd seen him since last year. The big advantage this year to him coming (besides enjoying his company) was he could go down to Dad's and figure out why his black box to convert his TV wasn't working. Justin hooked it up a month or two ago. The next time we were out the TV wasn't working right, could only get one channel I think.

We knew Jeremy had hooked up his mom's, so Jess suggested that he could look at Dad's. He said it was an easy fix. The TV needed to be on channel 3 for the box to work. I know that it has to be set there for DVD players and such but hadn't thought of that yet. We might have to write a few simple instructions for Dad since it now takes two remotes to control the TV. But at least we know how to fix the problem if he gets it messed up again.

Bill gave me a real scare tonight. I always call him at about 9 p.m. when he's staying out of town. He sets the alarm on his phone but has a hard time waking up, so I call until he answers. I alternate between his cell and the room phone. Usually I only have to call a few times. Tonight I called off and on for 45 minutes. I was really getting worried. I'd talked to his sister a time or two to see if she had talked with him but she hadn't, So she tried calling too. Finally she said we needed the motel personnel to go check on him. I think he woke up when they knocked on the door and then answered my call just seconds later. He'll be a bit late for work, but thank goodness he is okay.

He said he actually got some decent sleep today.

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