Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We maybe got some good news yesterday. The cardiologist cleared Bill for IPSS & AVS. Thanks to everyone for praying for that. I called Cedars & UCLA and asked if I could fax the letter from the cardiologist to them and make sure it was what they were needing. No reason for Bill to get another physical and blood work if we were to find out they wouldn't accept it.
I was in a bit of a panic yesterday thinking that if labs expired after a month so would the stress test. The gal I talked with at Cedars said they were good for several months. So that was good news as I was afraid we'd have to get this all scheduled and out to LA before Thanksgiving. That was going to be pretty tricky.
I think I will call both hospitals today and make sure the letter is acceptable.
So, we will see. My anxiety level has decreased just a little.

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