Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today may be a decent day. For the first time in a long time, when I got up to do papers, I didn't feel as much dread for the day as I usually do. The feeling usually only lasts for awhile. It's not as if the whole day is bad. But I can only feel that a better start might equal a better day. I hardly felt like throwing up, my breathing was easy, didn't feel like I was hyperventilating, It would be nice to feel like this every morning.
Bill got his physical yesterday. Hope to have the results by early next week and can once again start to set up IPSS & AVS.
I called yesterday to get the report on the kids MRIs. When requesting a report you can only leave a message. When I got home there was a message to call them. I've wondered lately why, when you fill out all the info for a doctor's office, do they ask for alternate or cell numbers. They seldom use them. Think we need to just put my cell number for the house phone, then I could always be reached. I'll call here in an hour or so and see what they wanted.
We had some saliva kits laying around the house. I've been taking one out to Justin at work every night. Should have them all done soon and will send them in. Need to print some more midnight orders and have him go back to the lab several nights.
Nic just called to wish me happy birthday. That was so nice of her. I wish her surgery date was set. I so want her to get better.

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