Friday, November 21, 2008

Jess is on her way to Denver with her youth group. This girl needs to learn to stay home!!! They are going to a Toby Mac concert. Relient K will also be there. She likes them both. There is one Relient K song that I really like "Sadie Hawkins Dance." It's cute.
They'll stay overnight at a church in Denver. Tomorrow they are fixing and serving dinner at a Ronald McDonald house before they come home. I'm sure they'll have a good time.
Yesterday I got all the results from Bill's physical and labs that he had done on Tuesday. Unfortunately they didn't include anything about his chest x-ray. When I called the office they said they would try to have it done today and fax to me. Did I get it? Nope. Did I call? Yep. Will I get it? Maybe Monday. We'll see. I really, really want to get the procedure dates set up.
I had the day off today. It'll be my last weekday off for a long time unless I'm gone for medical reasons. The other gal that worked with me part time quit. Next Wednesday will be her last day. Without doing as much film, I'll be able to handle it pretty much by myself. I do get to learn how to do framing though. That could be fun.
Justin is doing another midnight tonight and a saliva. Then one more saliva tomorrow and I can send them in. Hope we get the jackpot with some of them. I saw his boss for a few minutes today. She said she'd noticed he wasn't acting like he felt very good.
I ordered Bill's Christmas present today. I'm so proud of myself for picking it out all by myself. I'd say what it is but there is always the slight chance he has stumbled across my blog and I hate to ruin surprises.


lexidoodleellis said...

you only like sadie hawkins?

come on! there is a plethora of different varieties of songs from reilent k to listen to!!


judycolby said...

I like some of the others, but it's the best.