Monday, November 17, 2008

Justin & I went to Denver yesterday to pick up Jess. We timed it pretty good and got there about the same time. It sounds like she had a good time even though it was a fast trip. She took a lot of pictures that I want to take a look at.
I had her picked up by about 10:00 (?) and we couldn't check into our hotel until around 3:00. So we drove around to see if we could find anything that struck our interest. Finally went to Target. Jess and I did some of our Christmas shopping. I like to spread it out if possible.
Justin slept most of the way to Denver, slept while I was in the airport getting Jess. I locked the car doors with him sleeping in there, I figured anybody could take anything they wanted and he'd never wake up! He also slept through our shopping in Target. He did wake up for a late lunch and then fell back asleep after we checked in to the hotel.
We did go find ImageOne last night so we'd know where we were going this morning. We ate supper and went back to the hotel.
Getting MRIs was a long process this morning. Jess was getting the first one and after she'd been in there awhile, the tech (?) came to the waiting room to talk to me. She wanted me to know that they couldn't get Jess injected with dye, couldn't get a vein. I felt a bit silly as I immediately started crying. But in my defense I will say this is the first public meltdown I've had, which probably isn't too bad considering we're right at three years now.
Anyway, she wants to know what I want to do. Me? how would I know. I went out to the waiting room in tears and told Justin what was wrong and then went outside to cry for awhile. When I came back in, Jess was in the waiting room. They came and got Justin and I worried about whether they could find a vein in him. I'd never thought about it before which is probably partly why I got so upset when they couldn't find a vein in Jess. If you're prepared for something, sometimes it's not quite as bad.
Jess said that they had even had a nurse come over from the surgical center (we were in a medical complex) to see if they could find a vein. I figured we'd just pray something showed up without contrast and schedule another one if we had too.
The tech came out shortly and called me into the hallway again. I was really afraid that she'd tell me there was trouble with Justin's veins also. But she wanted to know if it would be okay to send Jess over to the surgical center across the hall and "heat her up" and see if they could get an IV in. Sounded good to me. I think since we were from three hours away, they really wanted to be able to complete this. It took them quite awhile but she came back in with an IV inserted between her thumb and index. Yikes! I was so thankful they went to the trouble to find a way to complete the test.
I think Justin said it was only three tries to get his contrast in.
So we came home with the MRIs on CDs and should be able to get the report by tomorrow or the next day.
When we got home we swung by the hospital to pick up the results of Justin's second midnight. It was 15.9. Bingo. I was right, it's back. Now if both kids can just have a tumor show. I'm emailing Dr. McC tonight about sending these CDs to him. If tumors don't show, I need him to review them. If tumors do show, he'll need to review them as I'd like him to do their second surgeries.
It seems like it's been a long few days.

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