Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, the good news is that both Cedars and UCLA Med Center said the letter from the cardiologist will be good enough to get Bill to IPSS & AVS. YEA!!! Of course now he needs to get another physical, etc. Hope he has time soon to do that.
I got the results of Justin's first midnight. It was 6.6. Not quite a 7.5 diagnostic number, but high enough to know that his Cushing's is back. It would be so nice if a tumor would show on both kids MRIs on Monday.
Yesterday after work Bill & I took Jess out to DIA to go to New York for the weekend, gee, what a traveler she's getting to be. Originally Bill wasn't going because he'd probably have to work. But yesterday he found out that the rig doesn't move until Saturday morning, so he was able to go with us.
Hopefully she's actually in the air by now. Takeoff was supposed to be at about 10:30 MST. We left her at security and she was fine with that. The Girl Scouts coming from the west coast were changing planes in Denver and she would meet up with them. She was to call before boarding the plane. I think she called at least three times to say that the flight had been delayed. She said the other girls flying in from other areas also had delayed flights. So the poor sponsor is already at the airport in Newark waiting for girls that probably have just taken off! I think if everything would of been on time they would already be there. I'm sure they'll have a good weekend once they get there.
I think most of the weekend is to be work on videos for the website. But there is some time late Saturday for some sightseeing.
I got a new phone. I needed to replace the battery in my old phone & was at a point where I was eligible for an upgrade. With the rebate I'd get on a new phone, I would pay the same as for a new battery. So, I'm now the proud owner of a new pink phone that has features I have no idea how to use! Jess will have to teach me.

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