Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've just been tagged by Jess. I'm supposed to tell eight random things about myself and tag eight other bloggers. Play along.
1. We didn't have TV when I was growing up. Dad thought it was a waste of time. He's probably right! A few times in high school we needed to watch a certain TV show. If I didn't want to do it I'd just tell the teacher we didn't have TV. But if the show sounded good, I could go down the road to Wegman's and watch it with them.
2. I like just about anything to do with photography but have decided I'd never again want to do it professionally. Too many personalities to deal with.
3. I like quilting although I seem to have a problem actually getting one completed. And adding to my stash is really fun. And I love quilting magazines.
4. I have five siblings. Three sisters, a brother, me, my younger brother. It's weird, once we hit a certain age, it's as if the boys got elevated status - I'm the only sister with an older brother but now both my brothers seem to fall into the *older* category, which makes me the youngest. Follow that? But I'm a pretty good little sister, I do whatever I'm told to do! Really they're not bossy.
5. On my wedding day, my maid of honor (who is an only child) and I were the first to show up at our church, where we were all getting dressed. So Tammy and I sat on the car and talked. She asked what we were waiting for. I told her "Sue" (sister), she asked me why, didn't I have all my stuff with me or was Sue bringing some of it. I think I looked at her a little dumbly (is that a word?), she obviously didn't understand that there was no way I could get ready for my wedding without Sue (or any of my sisters) there! She always took charge and knew just what to do! We did start carrying our things in and thankfully Sue showed up in time that I didn't have to find out if I could get ready for my wedding without her! Told you I was a good little sister.
6. I have two children that have Cushing's Disease. Both had surgery in May to remove a tumor from their pituitary. Both have a recurrence, which we knew was a possibility. My husband is also testing for Cushing's and I'm fairly confident that he will also get dx'd. Supposedly it's rare, but I see a lot of people that I think look like they probably also have this rare disease. Not a fun time.
7, I used to work on a harvest crew, with my brothers. They do custom silage cutting, a lot of it in the South. I met my husband on their crew. It was fun for a few years, but after we married and had Justin, it didn't work much longer. It was fun while it lasted and I saw a lot of country. Some places we *lived* for several weeks at a time.
8. My daughter, Jess, & I go out to his farm and pick up my dad for lunch every Saturday. From his farm there are three towns that are each about 20 miles away. So we go to different places each week. Quite often three of my little nieces go with us. I enjoy this time with Dad even though we don't always visit a lot, he's very hard of hearing.

Now, let's see who I can tag.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy tagging!

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