Friday, November 28, 2008

Jess was feeling really sick last night about bedtime. I felt so bad for her. This morning I could tell she'd been up in the night. Maybe took a shower.
I used to sit in a hot shower when my Crohn's was acting up. Something about the hot water beating on me was so soothing. I taught that to Justin also. Wonder if that was why Jess took a shower.
I didn't get her up to help with papers this morning. It was snowing just a little while I was out. Doesn't look like it will amount to much.
Bill should be home today.New locations for the rig are going to be much closer to home now so he won't be staying in Hays. It's been around two months since he started staying in Hays. I think he's only been home about once a week or less during that time.


SOwens said...

We think of you all often...

judycolby said...

Thank you. I think of your family too. How are things with Brooke?