Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I think I'm finally getting somewhere with setting up IPSS & AVS. I do have a date set for IPSS. But then the big question is will Cedars set up AVS in the same time frame. Cedars won't let me set up the date myself, that must come from the doctors office. So I have emailed Lynne tonight to tell her the date. The email today said she was contacting Cedars tomorrow. But I'm not sure she's calling, I think she's just faxing charts.
I so hope this works out, it's almost nerve wracking trying to coordinate the two since Cedars won't let me set the date with them.
I'm sure putting the date in writing will jinx it. So I 'll just let that go for now. When I have two dates for two procedures, then I might feel like it's really going to happen.
I think Bill has the idea that I'm just not trying hard enough to get this done.
We'll see what I hear tomorrow.

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