Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lunch with Dad was interesting. First Jess wasn't there. I was late leaving town and Bob called before I was out of town. Said he was at an auction in Hoxie and why didn't I bring Dad and the girls (his are the ones that usually go to lunch with us) there and we'd eat together. Oh, and tell Dad we bought the building so he won't wonder when someone asks him about it! Sure thing, Bob.
Turned out to be one of our more interesting lunches. The girls didn't know what an auction was, so I tried to explain. Even after being there, I still doubt they understand. First, there was no seating for the concession stand, but that was okay. Not too unusual when the auction is in a fairly small (since the crowd was large) building and it was cool enough the booth had to be set up inside. Bob secured an old chair for Dad as he wouldn't be able to stand that long. Hot dogs and hamburgers, girls, that's the menu, that's your choices. Chips and pop come with it.
Now picture three girls, nine, seven and four with food, drink and no place to sit! Two girls' hot dogs were kept on my plate. Interesting to say the least but not bad. We only spilled one can of pop & half of Grandpa's coffee. Which left three girls to share two cans.
While it would of been more comfortable to go to the local restaurant to eat, no one ever stops to talk to Dad. I don't know why, they'll say "hi" as they go by. But at the auction several people stopped and visited a few minutes. I think maybe when we're in a restaurant, people think they would be intruding. They wouldn't, Dad would love to visit with them.
After we got back to the farm, I stopped and saw Elsie, she just lives a half mile from Dad. Which is great for Dad as she keeps up with him very well. I really enjoyed our visit.

I stopped and took a few pictures of the old trees in one of the pastures on the way home. It's sad, most of the trees are dead around the farm. Most were cottonwoods and elms. We lived by a river and the trees never had to put down tap roots. But the river dried up about forty years ago and the trees slowly started dying. Makes me sad, I used to have so much fun playing in those trees. Since the river wound its way through the pastures, we had a whole lot of trees to play in.

I'm thinking (at least for the moment) that things are starting to look up. For some reason I'm organizing my Christmas music and listening to it. The best part - it's giving me that warm feeling I always used to get from Christmas music. Haven't felt that for a few years. I think last year I never even played any, and Christmas carols are about my favorite music.

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