Friday, November 7, 2008

Well, it's been about a month since we started this whole process of getting ready for IPSS & AVS. It was 10-10-08 when Bill got his physical, bloodwork & chest x-ray. Now we're still waiting for stress test results. Cedars called today. If Bill can't make his appointment next week, (he can't) he will have to redo the physical, etc. Guess the results are only good for about a month. Makes me think if we don't get results of the stress test soon, those results will not be valid either & we'll be clear back at the begining of this circle.
On a better note, the phone appointment with Dr. F has been moved to this Sunday. I'm going to ask what happens if Bill can't have IPSS & AVS.
I'm begining to feel like I'm just beating my head against a wall. I want to quit. Probably if I was doing this for myself instead of Bill, I would.

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