Sunday, November 23, 2008

Someone on the Cushing's board
posted this the other day. I finally came up with mine.
I keep seeing this commercial on TV. Don't even know what it's for, but
each person clicks their heels together three times, closes their eyes and makes
a wish!Let's try it!!

Thanksgiving is coming up and I've been doing some baking and house cleaning. I'm having my whole family over. I'm excited that Justin & Jess will both be coming home from college to spend time with us. This is a day I was never sure we would see. Getting them through high school was somewhat of a struggle, especially Justin, as they both had Cushing's through much of their high school years.
So having them in college makes us very happy. The fact that they've been in remission for a few years makes me even happier. It's so good to see them healthy and happy again.
While they're home we'll talk about plans for Christmas.
If either of them has time on their Christmas break they can travel some with me. After I won that large lottery about a year ago, I've spent time traveling to and with Cushing's patients. Many need an advocate with them. I figure I've done that for a few years with my family and now I can afford to do it for others. The best part is that I can pay for their airline tickets to get to a good specialist. If they can't afford the appointments, I'll pay for that too. It feels so good to help someone get help.

Hey, it's a wish, so it can be whatever I want. And this is what I truly want.

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