Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was wrong in my last post - J&J both got a break. They had positive pathology for ACTH secreting tumor after they had their surgery last spring. Although with Dr. F it might not be quite as critical as he knows that not everyone who has Cushing's gets a positive report.
I've read reports from a couple of people that say the MDA endos wrote letters to their local endos saying they'd never had Cushing's and needed no further pituitary testing or followup. Oh, reallly?
One, I know, said she did not have positive pathology. Just my opinion, but I think it's just sour grapes on the part of the MDA endos as they no longer see Cushing's patients prior to surgery if they came from an outside referral. It's really too bad they have this attitude as MDA is really a great facility and has a great neurosurgeon. The endos just have very strict standards for what is and isn't Cushing's. High UFCs are really important to them. Now, I'm guessing that a positive path report is also very important.
This is all just my opinion, I have no way of truly knowing what is going on.


taylor said...

Wow, Judy - I didn't realize you were blogging here.

Yeah, my shows are somewhat esoteric, now you'll never have to worry about watching Pushing Daisies.

At the same time, I can hardly read your blog, too. It sounds like you are VERY learned on this disease, and I would that that should be empowering, in the face of so little info available.

judycolby said...

Yep, I've joined the 21st century!! Actually, it helps me keep track of things and I enjoy it. Jess has one too, she's on my blog list My not so Fabulous Life. Notice, I have you on my list too, it just took you a long time to move to the top!!!!
I miss you.