Sunday, November 9, 2008

I had a phone appointment with our endocronologist is Los Angeles tonight. Some was good, some wasn't.
Jess-labs definitely looks like a recurrence, need to get an MRI to see if a tumor shows, if it does he will approve her for a 2nd pituitary surgery.
Justin-has a few signs of having a recurrence also. Dr. said to start testing. Please pray that he will actively test and be able to get high cortisol results (although he really has no control over the outcome of testing, he cycles, so it's pretty much a gamble each time you test).
Bill-this is the tough one. So much hinges on him. He carries the insurance and he's almost to the point of not being able to work. Actually, I'm not sure how he's still working. Thers will be no procedures set up until his blood pressure can be brought down. With four bp meds he's only able to get it down to about 180/120. He'll work with local doctors to try various combinations to see if it can be brought down. Although in the past it has never helped much. We're in a tough spot because I don't make enough to pay for our insurance should Bill not be able to continue working. While I want him to get a dx and on to surgery soon, it's pretty important that the kids get to surgery soon (hopefully before Bill) because I'm afraid there is a good chance that after Bill has surgery he may not be able to work for quite some time, and we'll loose insurance. That would then be the end of any testing, surgery, etc.I know to see my family, they really don't look sick. But that is definitely not the case. This disease affects every system of the body, physically and mentally. It slowly eats away at a patient.
A week from tomorrow the kids are having new MRIs done. Please pray that a tumor shows. It'll help their case immensely.

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